Never Get Lost Again with the Technology Features on the Ford C-MAX

Have you ever been driving but weren't sure where to go? We've all been there, but fortunately, technology features in vehicles of the last several years have eliminated the inevitability of getting lost sometimes. With the technology features in the popular compact hybrid, the Ford C-MAX, you'll never have to worry about not knowing which way to go on a car trip again.

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The New Ford Focus ST Impressive Technology Features

The Ford Focus ST is a popular compact performance hatchback that is really grabbing a lot of attention these days. These are some of the features in the Focus ST you should look a little closer at.

One of the ways you will be safer driving the Ford Focus ST is because other drivers will have little trouble seeing your vehicle. It doesn't matter if it is a blizzard or driving rain, the LED Signature Lighting on the Ford Focus ST makes your vehicle really stand out from the pack. 

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2018 Ford Fiesta – Modern Performance Personified

Performance and safety matter above all else when it comes to vehicles. Ford has been a leader in this for over 100 years. How many Ford cars do you see on the streets of Lebanon, NH? More than a few, right? Well that’s definitely for good reason.

Well, they haven’t been sitting on their laurels, as the 2018 Fiesta proves. This state of the art vehicle packs the most innovative braking system out there, with smart modulated torque that can prevent wheel slippage, loss of control and stable steering in all weather and road conditions across the board…

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Is Capability a Priority in Your Next SUV?

What are some of the things that you look for when you are deciding on which SUV is the perfect fit for you? Do you prioritize style, performance or capability? If capability ranks high on your list, then the 2018 Ford Escape is an SUV that you should take a look at.

The 2018 Ford Escape comes with a number of features that many drivers will find useful. These include a six-speed SelectShift transmission. This versatile transmission gives you the ease and convenience of an automatic transmission, but in sports mode, it gives you the control of a manual transmission…

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The Ford Edge Keeps You Balanced on the Road

SUVs have become a staple on the roads because of their versatility and workhorse reputation. One of the most popular SUVs on our lot is the 2018 Ford Edge. If you're looking for a smaller SUV that can meet all your needs, this is the vehicle for you.

As Ford's first crossover vehicle, the Edge has kept getting better over the years. The current version offers you intelligent all-wheel drive that is standard on every trim that constantly monitors traction and balances torque between front and rear wheels. You also get a spacious 39.2 cubic feet of…

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Check Out These Superior 2018 Ford Expedition Interior Features

We would like to invite you to read about the 2018 Ford Expedition. Not only does the new model come with several performance and exterior features, but it also offers a variety of interior features that are unmatched. If you want to learn more, here are a few interior features offered with the 2018 Ford Expedition.

The new model offers an enhanced noise control system. This system effectively reduces unwanted outside noise by acting like noise-canceling headphones. In addition, the new model offers available leather-trimmed front bucket seats and an optional leather-trimmed heated...

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The Ford Super Duty is Strong Enough for Your Heaviest Payloads

Owning a Ford truck has always been a symbol that you have arrived as a truck owner, and the Ford Super Duty is no exception. With best-in-class ratings for towing and payload, the Ford Super Duty is all you want in performance for any work you throw at it.

The fully-boxed frame, made with high-strength 95 percent steel, is stronger than ever for superb load-carrying capability. Suspension and steering components are also made stronger to give the responsiveness required for towing and hauling heavy loads down the highway or off to the work site.

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Drivers Are Sure to Be Impressed with The Technology Features That the Ford Taurus Has to Offer

Many drivers today demand to have all of the industry's cutting-edge technology built right into their vehicles. Anyone who wants that on their next car needs to have a good look at the all-new Ford Taurus. This is a sedan that combines all the technology with its elegant styling, industry-leading safety equipment, as well as quality and reliability.

The technology features in this car are second to none and include such favorites as:

To see all of these features in person along with everything else that the all-new Ford Taurus has to offer come down to our showroom here…

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Check Your Tire Pressure Today

Has your tire pressure recently dropped? You could be driving in unsafe conditions. Tire pressure can change due to weather, tire damage, missing valve caps, and a variety of other issues. The only way to tell the effect is by re-filling your tires to see if that fixes the issue and then resetting your tire pressure monitor. However, if you notice that the tire continuously goes flat, then you may have another issue.

Tire damage can cause your tire pressure to drop quickly, but depending on the type of damage, you can easily get the tire patched if it's…

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Why Buy Winter Wiper Blades?

Many have heard of winter tires to add traction during the times of slippery conditions. But what about winter blades? Not too many people would think that it is important to change your wiper blades during the winter. However, it is. Winter wiper blades are designed to work well during the winter, as traditional blades sometimes don't.

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