When winter rears its ugly head, Plymouth NH drivers need to know that your Ford F-150 can handle what Mother Nature throws your way. With help from our Ford service center in Lebanon, you'll be prepared with the best tires for snow and a healthy battery that won't quit unexpectedly.

As the temperatures drop, Randolph VT Ford Escape and Edge drivers notice a change in your vehicle's behavior. If you have summers or all-seasons, you might see the tire pressure warning light illuminated, which indicates that it's getting to be that time where winter tires are necessary. Having the right tires is essential when you're driving in snow since summers are not optimized for cold weather or maintaining traction during the winter.

For your battery, New London NH drivers are encouraged to have a check performed to ensure you're not taken by surprise by a dead battery one cold morning. Electrical components are hit hard in extreme weather, and you won't want to have an old battery when winter hits Claremont, NH. Your Ford truck or SUV needs to have the right care ahead of the cold weather, so be sure to schedule your appointment to have our team perform the necessary tire changeover near Hanover, NH. We can help you top off your fluids, inspect your battery, wipers, and ensure that your car is ready to tackle the cold.

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