Enjoy a Quiet Start to your day with the Ford Mustang

When you are starting your day or you are looking to give a professional appearance at work you may feel your Ford Mustang is a little loud to keep the peace in Lebanon. We believe your option of looking professional and keeping the peace in your neighborhood when you have an early start can be available with your Ford Mustang when you choose the Quiet Start option.

Ford has introduced the Active Performance Exhaust Audio service that allows you to make a choice every time you start your Mustang to have a whisper-quiet start or the loudest exhaust system possible with sports options. If you love the classic roar of the Ford Mustang when you start your engine and drive you can choose the normal option of the system that keeps the classic sound you love at the heart of your driving experience.

The Ford Mustang remains a powerful driving experience from Lebanon Ford but you can limit the noise you emit at certain times with the Active Performance Exhaust Audio system.


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