Light Up the Night in the Ford F-150

When your work continues long after the sun sets, the Ford F-150 is there to illuminate the way. The popular full-size pickup truck is available to drivers at Lebanon Ford. You can get the F-150 with a robust lighting system and some convenient extras.

In addition to the available quad-lamp LED lights that can illuminate your path as you drive, Ford is offering additional lighting systems that can help you out on the job. Below the side mirrors, LED spotlights ensure that you can always make your way back to the cabin. They're also powerful enough to provide some great ambient light in a remote work area.

In the bed of the truck, box lighting is available. These lights are specifically tuned to help you secure your cargo at night and see under a tonneau cover. Finally, there's the hitch light. It's built into the tailgate handle and makes it easy to connect a trailer in any lighting condition.



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