The Ford Explorer: Capable On and Off the Road

The Ford Explorer is an excellent vehicle for drivers who like to travel off the beaten path. The popular SUV fairs well on paved streets and rough terrain thanks to its powerful drivetrain and stability features.

When you get the Explorer at Lebanon Ford, you'll have the opportunity to get Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive. While most four-wheel-drive vehicles force you to stick to that mode every time you drive, this option does not. In smooth driving situations, it switches to two-wheel-drive for efficiency. However, the traction sensors will initiate all-wheel-drive mode whenever it detects that you need some assistance getting through tougher conditions.

The Terrain Management System is also available. It features four different all-wheel-drive modes that are fine-tuned for various environments. With the turn of a knob, you can adjust the way your SUV performs. Whether you're dealing with snow, sand, mud, or grass, the Ford Explorer can handle it.



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