Does the 2019 Ford Focus Use the SYNC Connect System?

In the Ford Focus, automobile technology has caught up with smartphone technology through the innovative inclusion of SYNC Connect. SYNC Connect uses a mobile Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone to your car’s computer. The established link gives you several advantages over the older systems.

With SYNC Connect, you can remotely start your vehicle, check on its available fuel, and obtain vehicle health reports from virtually anywhere. You can even set an automatic start-up time via your smartphone’s timing mechanism. Signals between your smartphone and your vehicle are enhanced to activates systems and set up locking and unlocking times for your doors. In the new Ford Focus, you can turn your car into a hotspot, allowing an expanded connection with up to 10 devices.

At Lebanon Ford, we help set up your connections between your smartphone and your SYNC system. Visit us to perfect your SYNC Connection.



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