The Ford F-150 is the Definition of Durability

Anyone looking for a reliable truck that can haul all types of cargo can check out the Ford F-150 pickups that we have at Lebanon Ford. These trucks have best-in-class capabilities in terms of payload and hauling. They can certainly get the job done for you.

The fully boxed frame is made with high-strength steel, and because larger cross sections have been used in the latest models of the F-150, the truck is rigid and tough. Additionally, military-grade aluminum alloy is the main material used in the construction of the bed and body. This type of aluminum is lightweight, allowing the manufacturers to use a thicker gauge for added strength.

If you'd like to make things more convenient, you can opt for some available features. They include a customizable BoxLink system, LED box lights, loading ramps that can be stowed away, and a remote tailgate release.



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