The Ford Taurus has been one of the best-selling full-sized Sedan in Lebanon, NH since its debut in 1986. A large reason for its popularity is the power is produces under the hood.

The newest Taurus provides a choice of two motors, the 3.5L V6 and the premium 3.5L EcoBoost on the SHO model. The basic 3.5L utilizes cutting edge technology to provide 288 HP while obtaining excellent gas mileage. It does this through variable valve timing. Twin camshafts work independently to adjust the valve timing for extra power or increased mileage.

The EcoBoost 3.5L was designed with performance in mind. It provides both direct fuel injection and a turbocharger to obtain an astounding 365 HP and 350 ft-lbs of torque.

We encourage you to take the new Ford Taurus for a test drive. Visit our showroom at Lebanon Ford and give a thorough test of both models.

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