What Technology Features Are in the Ford Focus RS?

The Ford Focus RS is a popular compact performance hatchback that generates 350 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft torque. Two helpful technology features in this high performance hatchback are Sync 3 and advanced cooling technology.

Sync 3 is a voice recognition technology that lets you use your phone with voice commands to improve your safety while answering calls, following directions, or adjusting the music. The RS brake system has advanced cooling technology that provides better cooling for the brakes, which can prevent it from overheating on hot days. Features of the system include dedicated ducts from the front fascia and twin jet tunnels underneath. This brake cooling system is especially helpful when you drive in track or drift mode on the track.

The Ford Focus RS is a good compact performance hatchback that you can drive on the track. It has advanced cooling technology for the RS brake system and Sync 3 voice recognition technology. Test drive the Ford Focus RS at Lebanon Ford in Lebanon, NH.

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