Many have heard of winter tires to add traction during the times of slippery conditions. But what about winter blades? Not too many people would think that it is important to change your wiper blades during the winter. However, it is. Winter wiper blades are designed to work well during the winter, as traditional blades sometimes don't.

Traditional blades use a framework with mechanisms that allow the blades to bend freely across your windshield, thus acting like a squeegee against the water. When it snows and things freeze, that framework can become clogged up. This means the blades cannot bend freely, and it often results in streaks being left across your windshield. Winter blades have a rubber covering that protects the framework from being frozen or clogged up. Therefore, winter blades will work against the winter forces and leave your windshield clean. Driver vision is very important for safety.

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